Happiness is a feeling not a destination.

Musician 2 Mum

When i was younger, from as far back as i can remember if there was something to wish on (ie.) an eye lash etc. i would always wish for “happiness”.  Now nearly 27 years old and nearly 7 months pregnant with a baby boy that wish/thought has changed.  Happiness is something i have experianced loads in my life luckily.  I was happy when my mum and i brought home my first dog he was 3 years old and my best friend for the next 12 years.  I was happy when i began to be more confident and would sing with friends in the pub on a Sunday. i was happy when i stepped off of an 8 hour flight to Dubai on my own (even though I’m terrified of flying) or when i played my first gig with my own song in a local bar with my two best friends…

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