Important Tips on Copyrighting your work

Whether you’re a writer, film maker or a photographer, you are a creative individual. And if you have created something that is truly creative or utter rubbish, it is still yours and it belongs to you.

In today’s world of internet, email, iPhones, iPads & every other smart device, it is very easy for files and photos to be passed all around the world without the original creator ever being recognised.
Imagine your frustration of just finishing that blockbuster novel which you have stored on a memory card. You lose the memory card in the street. Six months later, your anger has subsided, but as you browse the shelves of your local bookstore, you see your manuscript published and selling like hotcakes with some other idiots name on the cover. An extreme example, I know. But you get my point. How do you prove that YOU actually wrote that novel and it is you that should actually be reaping the rewards of its success? Simple. You Copyright it.

Here are some simple steps to help protect your work.

1. It goes without saying, but back your work up. And keep the back ups in a different location from the originals. You would be amazed at the amount of artists who don’t do this.

2. At the end of your finished article or on the body of your creation, print the words: © YEAR + INITIALS (i.e.) © 2008 AGS. Learn more about this here.

3. Mail an original version of your work to yourself by recorded delivery. When it arrives, keep it somewhere safe, unopened.

4. Similar to above, email work to yourself in a secure email account. Leave the files unopened in your inbox or in a special folder.

Remember, you cannot copyright an idea, but you can copyright an article or story from which has been created from the idea. For example:
A fiction writer cannot copyright an idea about a Volcanic eruption, but they can register copyright over their own story, but cannot stop other fiction writers writing stories about volcanic eruptions.

The above steps are easy steps to take to begin protecting your work.

28 thoughts on “Important Tips on Copyrighting your work

  1. Great and informative article! Thanks for sharing. I have been using a Creative Commons License to assert my legal rights and entitlements and reading your post has just encouraged me to write a blog post about my reasons why. Stay tuned for more!


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