A missing woman dead in front of the TV for 42 years

Missing Woman

A woman who was reported missing more than forty years ago, was found dead in her own home.

This story was first reported on 16 May, 2008.

The discovery was made when bailiffs and police broke down the door in an attempt to find out who actually owned the house. Police were shocked at what they discovered. The woman was found in her armchair in front of the television with a cup of tea at her side. It was concluded that the lady had taken a heart attract and had remained in the same place for more than forty years.

Hedviga Golik, from Croatia, was born in 1924.  Her neighbours had thought she had moved out of the flat in the capital, Zagreb.

Police reported that stepping into the woman’s home was like stepping back in time. There were things that people had not seen in years and the décor that was used in the house was phased out years ago. The woman was sitting in front of a black and white television and the cup of tea that she had made herself was sitting next to her on a table, untouched.

Police are enquiring into why the woman’s house was never checked when she was reported missing back in 1962. Her death is not being treated as suspicious and police are now trying to trace any family members who may still be around.

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