What’s stopping YOU?


I am by no manner or means a full time or published author, although, it is a definitive goal of mine.

Instead, I commute to work 5 days a week, working varying shift patterns & deal with a huge amount of responsibility on a daily basis. I deal with all kinds of people, which can be enjoyable or not, depending on whom you are dealing with and, perhaps, what mood I am in on that particular day. I do this, because it’s my career. I’ve worked extremely hard at it, but, my main reasons for the daily grind, are to provide for & to generate a comfortable lifestlye for my family.

Writing is a passion of mine, it always has been. I’ve written hundreds of short stories, articles and screenplays, all unpublished, unless they’re published on my blog.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling that you get when you’re infront of the Mac, battering your ideas away at the keyboard. I have often wondered & dreamed of a career as a published writer.

Why haven’t I pursued it?
Something got in my way.

There is always an excuse not to do something. Work, chores, errands, walking the dog, washing the car or important things like, laying on the couch. But, the truth is, those are your daily rituals and routines. They won’t go away and will never stop.

I quickly learned, that if those were the only things stopping me pursing my writing career, then, I may as well throw the Mac out of the window, burn everything I’d ever written and smash my head against the drywall, in a bid to help me rid myself of my desire to write.

So, I pledged to myself.

I will find time to write and share on my blog, I’ll complete the unfinished screenplays and I will start that novel, the one I’ve been thinking of for 10 years.

I will write & I will become published.

Until then though, I’ll still go to work. The chores will be complete. The errands will be ran. The dog will get walked, the car will be clean, I can still lay on the couch & a thousand and one other things will still get done.

What’s stopping you?

17 thoughts on “What’s stopping YOU?

  1. Bravo. To really become a writer, a person has to give themselves both the time and the “permission” to write (as opposed to walking the dog or doing the dishes or a thousand other things.) Give yourself both time and space and something will happen.

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  2. I am right back in this situation again — am I going to make room in my day for writing? Between 2000 and 2008, I wrote five novels. In 2010 and 2012 I published four of them. As part of that effort, I started a blog, joined online discussion groups, etc. Now I have no time to write. What used to be my writing time is spent reading blogs and commenting (like this), writing blog posts and brooding over all the blog-and-book-related numbers: daily sales, monthly sales, page views, post views, “likes,” etc. Back in 2000 I found that once I started writing, the Work demanded my attention. Making time for it wasn’t a problem; other things just had to wait. So just get started and hope that Obsession takes over!

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  3. The whole needing money thing is often what stops me. I’d LOVE to just write all day and call that my job, but I hardly earn enough from my published books to justify making it a day job. So the supplemented job ends up taking over and leaving less time for what I love :/ Catch-22

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