Ten Sentence Fiction: Body on the road

body in the road

It was a beautiful summers night.  Greg Carlson was going nowhere in particular as he sped his old Mazda along a hidden back road.  He focused through the windshield as he flung his old import left and right around the single track road.

He screeched around a bend, but suddenly tensed his body while gritting his teeth, slamming the brakes as the car whaled to a halt.  There was a body on the road, a man, lying face down.  Still trying to catch his breath, Greg stepped out of the car and into the smell of burnt rubber.

He approached the man with caution, he crouched down and searched for a pulse on his neck.  He was alive and breathing.  Greg stood up and reached for his phone to call an ambulance, he looked down at the man as he felt a tug on his trouser leg.  Only, this time what Greg was looking back at was a shotgun pointing right at his face.

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(c) Copyright 2014 AGS

8 thoughts on “Ten Sentence Fiction: Body on the road

  1. This happened to me, back in July or August 1993, close to midnight. The photo looks like what we saw. The driver was going to get out and check it, but thought better of it and we drove off… to this day I wonder what was inside the tightly wrapped white bedsheets. Whatever it was… It was dead center in the road and I could make out a head and nose… and feet. There were no markings or dirt or tears on the cloth. This was on a highway bordered by woods with barely a car driving but us.
    The photo looks similar, but it was completely wrapped in the white sheet and laying flat on its back. It’s head was facing the left side of the highway, and the feet, the right side. There was equal amount of distance on each side…. It was dead center. It was as if someone placed it there. It was about three feet long.


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