Ten Sentence Fiction: Cold Caller


In an instant, Kerry had regretted answering the door. She beat herself up about why she came down the stairs at 10pm on a freezing October night. What kids were out trick or treating at that time anyway? These kids in particular, wouldn’t give up, they knocked and knocked. Kerry had come angrily down the stairs in her bath robe, ready to yell at them, and tell them, that all the other kids who had come at a reasonable hour, had eaten all of the treats that she had to offer.

Now, she was screaming for her life as she was being dragged by the hair along the carpet. Her late night trick or treaters, had actually only been one, but he wasn’t collecting sweets. He was collecting blood. The long black cloak, battered biker boots and tattered potato sack that he wore over his head, made for a horrifying Halloween costume. Kerry screamed for her life, as the trick or treater hauled at her hair to keep her still, as he pounded the knife into her heart and collected her blood into a jar.

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(c) Copyright 2014 AGS

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