Ten Sentence Fiction: Camp of no return


“Jesus Christ, what the hell was that?” Jack yelled, as he was abruptly awoken.
His wife, Erin, woke just as abruptly and almost jumped out of her sleeping bag next to him. The throaty, ear drum bursting roar, followed by the earth shattering thud of footsteps, was like nothing either of them had ever heard before in their lives.
“God in heaven, what was that?” Erin screamed to her husband.
“I don’t know” he said, as he unzipped the tent from the inside and peered out into the misty morning, of their woodland campsite.

The roar filled the forrest once more, followed by the shattering footsteps, that were getting ever so close to the couples campsite.  Jack stepped outside of the tent and looked on, in sheer disbelief, as the trees rocked and rustled back and fourth, as the owner of the roar thundered its way towards the camp.  Jack leaned down and pulled his wife out of the tent and made towards the car.  He was jolted violently and fell onto his back, forcing him to watch on as his wife was dragged away and devoured in one full swoop.  Jack screamed and scampered as the 10 foot tall, drooling, hairy, indescribable beast lunged for him.

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(c) 2014 AGS


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