Ten Sentence Fiction: Dead Cars


Unwanted, rusting and rotting were certainly 3 of many words to describe them.  Once cherished as pride and joy and relied on for the commute to work and the school run, 5 thousand scrapped cars sat stacked 5 high in rows of a 100 in a derelict, in the middle of nowhere, abandoned salvage yard.  Some cars were less than 10 years old, others were close to 20 and 30 years old.

Josh Davies had his eye on one specific car in that yard, a car that would act as a donor to his own.  He had discovered the abandoned yard a month previous after a night of cruising and heading nowhere in particular.  After peering through the locked gates, he had saw her sitting and waiting, ready to donate her unused engine and body parts, that would keep josh and his precious metal on the road a little while longer.

Josh held the torch in his mouth and struggled with his toolbox until he finally made it over the fence and landed into the silent, pitch black grave yard.  He carefully creeped along the oil soaked ground as shards of glass crunched and hundreds of rusting nuts and bolts scattered around his feet.

He screamed as he was dragged along the oil soaked floor and flung into the 10 year old ford he had claimed, wincing and covering his eyes as the floodlights were shone through the windscreen.  He heard the sound of a crane starting, he screamed for his life as the car was suddenly elevated and left swinging above a ready and waiting crusher.

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(c) Copyright 2014 AGS



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