Motivated by Amazon Authors


Tomorrow sees the last day of my week off from work.

Aside from using this week wisely, you know, by decorating the dining room, sweeping the garden and ticking off the endless new baby ‘to do’ list, I managed to squeeze some time in for my writing.

I love being off work, as I get to stay up late watching movies with my wife, and when she finally turns in for the night, I head back up to the office to write.  This week, however, I found great pleasure during the midnight hour, by logging into the Amazon Book Store and downloading a plethora of free indie books.

Most of these were short stories, some were novels.  I’ve stayed up late the past 3 or 4 nights reading fantastic stories by writers and bloggers, just like you and me.

If there was ever something in this world to motivate me and kick my backside into self publishing a book, the last 3 or 4 nights have been it.

Whats more, many of these self published authors have WordPress sites, like you and I, meaning I’ve been linked to more of their work.  It also means I can connect with them, and since I’m reading what they’re writing, which is generally the genre I’m writing, I have quickly gained new readers and followers.

So, on Tuesday morning, its back to work I go.  But, at least I’ll ease back into the grind knowing that it was a productive week.

Oh, and I got the decorating, gardening and baby list ticked off too!

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