My Blog is dead


Less than a week ago, my blog stats were booming.  My readers were reading what I had written.  Liking what I had to say.  Commenting on my posts.

A week later.  Nothing.

The stats graph on my WordPress App shows nothing more than a roller coaster that peaked a week ago.

The truth is, I’m back into reality.  A week ago, I was on holiday from work and I had far more free time to sit and write.  I was relaxed and my ideas flowed from my mind, down my arms, into my fingers and ultimately onto the key board.  It was a great week.  I was feeling confident about my blog.

I went back to work and within two days, my desire to come up and sit and post anything onto my blog had withered.  I worried that I was losing interest and all that hard work last week was a fluke.

I had to remind myself that the desire to be a writer has always been there and always will be.  Realistically, to have any success as a writer, I’ll need to work hard on the balance of ‘real life’ and the life of me, ‘the writer’.

It’s amazing how hard it can be to get yourself back into something that you know you love, yet, the reality of working to live can overpower the desire of writing to live.

However, I will not be beaten.  I mean, Ive posted 2 blogs already tonight.

My blog isn’t dead.  It was merely resting.

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14 thoughts on “My Blog is dead

  1. The thing with blogging Ally is that it takes time.
    Time to come up with ideas.
    Time to make the ideas into posts.
    Time for followers to get used to the rhythm of your postings.
    Time for the blog and following to grow.
    Don’t give up – just keep plugging away at it.
    Give yourself and your blog time….
    Adapt my Guest Author suggestions and sent me an article to post on my blog so it spreads the word even more

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  2. Blog stats do go through peaks and troughs. The trick is not to get hung up on the stats although, as a fellow blogger I know that this can be easier said than done. You have produced some good work. The trick is, as you say to keep blogging. I work full time so understand how hard it can be to balance one’s work, social life etc against the desire to blog. Kevin

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  3. Work/life balance is difficult! And what suffers in finding that balance is our creativity – and writing a blog is not different!

    Don’t worry – you’ll find the balance and your blog stats will find their way back up! Good luck!


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