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I am by no manner or means a full time or published author, although, it is a definitive goal of mine.

Instead, I commute to work 5 days a week, working varying shift patterns & deal with a huge amount of responsibility on a daily basis. I deal with all kinds of people, which can be enjoyable or not, depending on whom you are dealing with and, perhaps, what mood I am in on that particular day. I do this, because it’s my career. I’ve worked extremely hard at it, but, my main reasons for the daily grind, are to provide for & to generate a comfortable lifestlye for my family.

Writing is a passion of mine, it always has been. I’ve written hundreds of short stories, articles and screenplays, all unpublished, unless they’re published on my blog.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling that you get when you’re infront…

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