No trick, no treat, just GIMMIE!


Halloween has past.  It’s by far, one of my most favourite times of the year.  Add that to my enjoyment of the autumn (or Fall) season and I’m loving it.

Usually, I’d throw a Halloween party, invite some friends & family over and have a spooky fun filled evening and party until the spirits floated home.  This year was slightly different as my wife is due to give birth to our first child any day now.  So this year we instead carved a few pumpkin lanterns and sat them outside, made up some goody bags for any little Witches or Devils that happened to be doing their rounds and waited while we scrolled endlessly through our Netflix account.

Sure as sugar, the door bell rang as soon as darkness fell.  On opening, I discovered two little witches, broom and all, perhaps only three feet tall.  I had my bowl of goody bags by my side waiting to hand them out after the little darlings told me a joke, sang a song or did me a dance.  I’d have been better waiting on Christmas, because these little Witches were not up for doing anything other than holding out their open swag bags.

I asked them what they were going to perform in return for their treat, instead I was just gawked at until I surrendered the loot.  Immediately after, they toddled off to then next house for free sweets.

For the next three hours, I answered the door to a number of different groups of kids, some very young, some as old as eleven.  Some had put a great effort into dressing up, others simply held a mask to their face while dressed in a jogging suit while collecting sweets from my neighbours and I.

Some of them didn’t even answer when I asked what they were supposed to be, some just stared at me blankly when I asked if they were going to at least tell me a joke.

Soon I realised that kids of today either have no interest or perhaps any knowledge of what Halloween is actually about and why they’re actually dressed up and looking for sweets.  Much like Christmas, many of them believe its about expensive gifts and tonnes of chocolate.

I for one, will ensure that in three years or so, when my first born is dressed like a pumpkin and doing the rounds, he’ll at least start with a “Knock, Knock”.

Maybe next year I’ll be a bit more forthcoming in asking for a joke when the Devil comes knocking.


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