10 reasons why I really don’t like you!

Ally Ballys Blog

1. You park in a disabled spot. That’s right, I saw you get out of your car and I checked your window for a permit. You are not entitled to park there. No, you’re just a lazy, inconsiderate person, who believes the rules do not apply to them.

2. You park in a parent and child spot, yet, you have no children. That’s right, you are so irritatingly arrogant and inconsiderate, you took the last parent & child spot & my heavily pregnant wife cannot get out of her car and go into the store, because the idiots on either side of her at the regular parking spots are also unable to park with consideration.

3. You litter. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s littering. Use the bloody bin the local council or establishment has provided. Don’t be a lazy ass and leave your coke can at…

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