10 reasons why I refuse to hire you!

Ally Ballys Blog

1. Your CV looks like it’s been trailed trough mud while stuck to a dogs paw. It has fold lines, creases and was handed in, in a polly pocket. It wasn’t received in pristine condition, in a sealed envelope.

2. Your CV tells me nothing about you or your experience. It’s basic and vague, it does not “sell” you. It reads like you’re a boring mouth breathing equivalent of an oak tree.

3. Your CV tells me too much and tells me how fantastically arrogant you are. If you are that good, why are you applying to work in a retail store? Sounds like you should be applying for CEO in Apple or running for president.

4. Your CV is good, so I call you to invite you for an interview. However, you sound bored or disinterested when I call you. You sound like you’re watching grass grow or slowly…

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