10 reasons why you’re an awful driver

Ally Ballys Blog

1. You drive at speeds totally unacceptable in built up areas. You fly through streets where kids play and where elderly people walk their dogs. You are so excruciatingly stupid that you have no respect or consideration for yourself or others. Seriously, at those speeds you should have EasyJet printed on you’re car.

2. You text while driving. I fundamentally believe that this should be a punishable crime. Do you realise how dangerous and stupid this is? Also, you have got to be the most arrogant asshole alive, I mean, who is that important, popular or busy that they cannot wait until it’s safe to check their phone? Oh, are your updating you status on Facebook? “We’ll, I’m driving like a total moron, lol”

3. You think it’s okay to drive with no insurance. I really believe that if I shaved an Ape and gave him the keys to a…

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