How Pringles gave me light with Spiderman

This Marvel Spider-Man table or desk lamp was created using up-cycled and repurposed materials.
So what were those repurposed materials? Read on and I’ll tell you.

Want it, but too busy or can’t be bothered making it?

Spiderman lamp3

After eating lots and lots of Pringles, I felt it was almost criminal and irresponsible to throw away the empty tubes.  I’ve always looked at them and wondered what really useful things could I do with them.  One day, I had a brain wave and out of nowhere, decided to (attempt) to build a lamp.  Why not? The tube is the perfect size and body for such an engineering project, right?

Spiderman lamp2

And so, I found an old lamp that was never used and carefully dismantled it.  I affixed it to the Pringles lid and fed the wire through the tube and made a small exit hole with a screwdriver.  Now, the lamp makes use of free wallpaper samples from a local DIY store, which was carefully cut to size and lathered on with PVA glue and then covered again on the outside to give a shiny and protective finish.  A cheap lampshade from the local discounters, 99p to be exact, was painted with slightly watered down red paint.

After the whole thing dried overnight, there was instant light from a cute and perfectly functional lamp, suitable in any bedroom or man cave.

Spiderman lamp4

It has a professional finish and feel and is yet another clever use of rubbish that has been saved from landfill. Might as well use an energy efficient bulb to be extra green.

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