Where to find Blog ideas


I don’t know.  Where do you find them?  I’m sure we can all relate to that burning desire of wanting to blog, but you hit a big brick wall.  Sometimes it literally just comes to you when you’re driving, working, feeding the baby or scratching your ass.  The truth is, there is no answer to finding blog ideas.  We can utilise ideas from fellow bloggers, write about something or somebody who really got on your wick today, why wouldn’t the baby stop crying, why is your boss such a tool or why did the paint take so long to dry in my bedroom?

Some will win, some will fail.  But, thats the nature of the blogging beast, isn’t it?

I’ve hit something of a dry spell recently.  Ideas for blogs have been few and far between.

So, I thought, I’ll write a blog about how I don’t have any ideas for blogging.  Hmmm, hardly going to set the WordPress App alight.  I then thought I’d compile a list from my top five blogging ideas data banks.

1. Interactions with extremely annoying, rude or obnoxious people.

See That really gets my goat: Ignorant idiots or 10 reasons why I really don’t like you!

2. Success with something I really have an interest in and wish to share.

See 13 Top tips to becoming a successful writer

3. A great days blogging

See 100 and counting and 500 and counting

4. Blogging dry spells

See My blog is dead

5. My love of creative writing

See Fiction posts

Where do you find your blogging and article ideas? I am genuinely interested in what makes the rest of the blogging world tick.  Please comment below.




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