It’s tough to be a #Blogger

How could you describe it?

A fun roller coaster ride? An exciting daily dose of the unknown? The most complex paradox of your known existence? A HUGE pain in the ass?

If you’re anything like me, it’s most probably all of the above.

Good days and bad days. Great days and amazing days. Ok to almost bugger all days.

It’s a tough, hard slog. You must ensure your content is current, fresh, consistent and most of all interesting. You have to work at it everyday and remind your readers why they agreed to follow you in the first place.

Don’t ever get hung up on the peaks and troughs of your stats. Focus on your content and your readers. After all, that’s why you signed up.


6 thoughts on “It’s tough to be a #Blogger

  1. And don’t forget backlinks, page ranks, headers, guest posts, competitions and giveaways, social media advertising, keyword planning, YouTube clips, business cards, flyers, car window advertising….the more u do, the more visitors you get 🙂

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