The best analogies to describe the difficulties of #writing

Whats the hardest part about writing or being a writer? Actually writing.

Yes, your head may be about explode with all that creativity. Yes, your Smashwords account may be ringing up book sales and depositing cash like a supermarket register (in your dreams and fantasies).

Sitting down and actually writing is the single most difficult thing to do as a writer. It’s seems being a writer is one big paradox.

What’s it like?

1. Like trying to land a Jumbo Jet at night with the landing strip lights off.

2. Like pushing water up hill.

3. Like swimming in treacle.

4. Like opting to paint your walls by licking milk onto them, as opposed to the traditional method.

5. Like surfing with a sugar surfboard.

6. Like trying to slip on a pair of ice cream socks.

7. Like trying to find the fire exit in a submarine.

8. Like rowing a boat with newspaper oars.

9. Like building a fence with a glass hammer.

10. Like making toast in a chocolate toaster.

Yep. Sitting and actually writing is difficult.

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