#Paranormal Paragraph 1 #Fiction

Al Graham

Ghost bed

I lay frozen solid to the bed, or so it seemed.  I couldn’t move a muscle, I was shivering and my breath was as clear as cigarette smoke.  The room was dark, it must have been at least 3am.  I felt the covers slowly pull off of me.  I could hear it wheezing, like it had a terrible lung disease.  The manager had told me about sightings of ghosts in the hotel when I checked in the day previous, I didn’t believe him.  It was climbing onto the bed and was touching my feet, I tried to kick away the ice cold hands, but couldn’t.  Tears started to run down my face, why couldn’t I move? It was on the bed and slowly crawling towards me, I could just make out a figure of a woman, her face was hidden by long straw like hair.  She wheezed harder and climbed…

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