10 things this #Blogger has learned in a year

1. Blogging is extremely hard work, if you’re taking it seriously.

2. Blogging becomes obsessive.

3. Looking over & scrutinising blog stats becomes an emotional habit, causing mood swings and hostility towards readers who don’t read your blogs.

4. Blogging can cause tiredness, lateness for work and relationship issues due to you staying up late battering away at the laptop keys, meaning you lose interest in your relationship obligations. 
5. Blogging and checking your blog on the WordPress app can make you very unsocial at times, even making you lock yourself in the toilet cubicle at work as you post that amazing blog idea.

6. ‘Bloggers block’ is an actual thing.

7. Other bloggers who’s blog sites are further advanced than yours and have 1000’s more followers than yours, become the enemy, when you’re feeling vunrable.

8. You are excited by blog interaction & wave your phone or tablet in the air at your disinterested partner, anyway.

9. You dream of blog fame everyday.

10. There is no better feeling than posting a blog before bed & waking up to a load of notifications of likes and follows on your iPhone screen.

Do you agree? What have you learned from blogging? 

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