Stop Using Social Media as a Weapon

I personally dislike Facebook. If it was used for its intended purposes, then I’d enjoy using it more than I do. However, when it is used like the great article describes, or to bitch, moan & slander, that’s when I alight!

Fill Your Own Glass

I scroll through my Facebook Newsfeed, smiling at a few jokes and memes.  I get my dose of popular and unpopular opinion as I slide by posts about the cause du jour.  I hit the “Like” button on a picture of a friend’s impossibly adorable children.  I leave a congratulatory comment on a post with good news, and I share a motivational quote on my own wall.

Then I hit on that post.  The one that makes me cringe.  The one that makes me suck in my breath.  The one that causes my inner voice to cock its head back and say, “Oh no she didn’t…”

Oh yes she did.  One of my friends has called out her spouse in a withering, sarcastic post, and it is right there for me to see.  Me and several hundred of her other closest friends.  Throw in close to a thousand more, because…

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One thought on “Stop Using Social Media as a Weapon

  1. Thank you for the reblog! Wouldn’t it be nice if Facebook was used for its intended purpose? It has changed, and not for the better, in the years since I first joined. Ah well, perhaps we can drown out the negative… Thanks again for the share, it is appreciated! Best, Karen

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