Amazon Bashing


imagesThe NYT and its Big Publishing NY neighbors have colluded for years to discredit indie-publishing in general and Amazon in particular. Their reporting got so biased about a year ago that I cancelled my subscription. (That and their lack of reporting on Mexico, apparently way too déclassé to warrant their attention.) The following is a comment from Forbes contributor George Anders. He knows his stuff as he wrote a cover story in 2012 on Jeff Bezos. can be a tough place to work. In this 2012 Forbes cover story, I alluded to the online retailer’s stressful, low-perks culture, driven by founder Jeff Bezos’s nonstop ambitions. Now The New York Times has published a 5,700-word expose, chronicling endless cases of workers pushed to the breaking point as Amazon redefines the modern office to be “more nimble and more productive, but harsher and less forgiving.”

. . .

Early in the piece…

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