Is it Okay to Stop Reading a Book?

I’m sure you’ll find you’re not alone. Reading can be a difficult task. You have to be in the mood for that particular genre and if it doesn’t grab you, you naturally give up.

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I am currently caught in a reading dilemma.

The book I’m reading isn’t very good. Or at least isn’t holding my attention.

Is it okay to stop reading a book? Logic says “of course!” and yet it feels wrong.

Book with glasses against the backdrop of a library Image courtesy of pannawat

When I am enjoying a book I make time to read and rocket through the chapters to the end all too fast, but when the book I’m reading isn’t engaging me I tend to choose other things to do. I might have that book on the go for over a month, and not spend much time reading. So by forcing myself to keep going I read less over all and then I resent that. I want to read lots of books and this book is getting in the way!

Reading is supposed to be an enjoyable pass time; there must be something seriously wrong if I find myself…

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One thought on “Is it Okay to Stop Reading a Book?

  1. I finished the first 50 Shades book even though it was torture. I did not read the following two books because I would rather have a root canal. At least with a root canal, they give me Vicodin.

    And I did google to find out what happens in the end of series if the books and story are okay, but I just feel no need to read beyond the first book…but I still want to know what happens.

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