There’s no such thing as #Writersblock

Firstly, this is merely an opinion of mine, not a statement.  Let me explain the reasoning behind my thoughts.

1. Unless your hands have recently been bitten off by a rabid, wild bear, then you’re still able to put pen on paper, fingers on keys or finger tips on touch screen. My point? Even if you’re struggling for ideas, you still have a physical capability to write something. Anything. It doesn’t matter, just write a word, description, a place or a characters name. You will find that you use all of it or some of it later.

2. You’re a writer, blogger or a creative person. You are one of these, probably because your head is always full of words, daydreams, sentences, descriptions, makeshift people or places. I don’t believe that anybody who is the least bit creative can ever be out of, or stuck for ideas. If you think hard enough or flip through old note pads or open up old Word doc files, there’s bound to be something that you wrote previously to jump start your ‘block’.

3. The world around you is a plethora of ideas just waiting to be taken and created into something only your imagination can concoct. Having a dry spell? Take the dog for a walk in the local wooded park. Take the kids to the cinema, take your mum into town for lunch in a restraunt or take your wife to a play or show. You don’t even need to do anything as egstravagant as that or even spend any money. My point is, your ideas and future creations are all around you.

4. It doesn’t matter what you write down. Be it a name, place or a descriptive word. It’s your word, from your mind, hence the beginning of your creative journey.

One thought on “There’s no such thing as #Writersblock

  1. I’m not sure if I agree. I’ve never suffered from writer’s block myself but assume others aren’t fibbing when they say it’s struck them! My problem tends to be struggling to write well rather than struggling to write. If I can’t think how to express something I try to get over this by writing whatever’s in my head in the most untidy or simplistic way – just write without caring about the quality of it. Then you at least have something to work on, usually works for me but then I write for work rather than being a novelist or poet so maybe the process is a bit different.


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