Retrieval – An Irv Oswald Scenario

Al Graham

The car was parked tightly around the back of the house, apparently where no one would find it. Irv smiled to himself.He walked over to the car:

Jaguar XJS, black. 2010 model.

He did that cupping thing with his hands over his face that people do when they look into a locked car:

Black stitched leather, with grey piping.

This was definitely his clients car.

Irv walked back over to the house and around to the front door. He took one last puff of his cigarette and stepped it out right on the porch. He knocked on the door.

A few moments later, a tall guy with a goatee and glasses appeared from behind it, instantly offended at having a visitor.

‘Listen, pal, we don’t buy and sell at this house, so take-‘

He doubled over and gasped for breath while holding onto the wall. Irv threw another punch on…

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