My blog is dead: Part 2

See original post, My Blog is dead 

Every once in a while my blog goes through a dry spell. By dry spell, I mean periods of time when I literally don’t post anything. Nothing. Nada. Zit. Don’t get me wrong, it’s generally NOT because I can’t be assed, but usually because real life prevails.

What I do find, however, is that my blog usually just slips back on like an old slipper. I’ll conjur up something to say months after my last post, format it, find an amusingly relevant image, smugly hit the publish button and ride the likes and views roller coaster.


Recently though, it seems different. It had been about 8 months since I properly posted a blog on my site. Yeah, I would reblog and recycle old and popular blogs to ensure it still had a pulse, but that was pretty much it. But, as I mentioned, this time it seems different. That old slipper doesn’t seem to fit so well these days. My blogs aren’t getting as many views or as many likes, for that matter.

My following remains strong, in fact, it’s grown over the last 8 months in conjunction with my Twitter account.

So what’s changed? Where is the blogging defibrillator?

I know, I know, stop obsessing over the stats and numbers and focus on the writing.

Please come back, Blog. I promise I won’t leave you as long, ever!

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