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One Line Horror: Within the headlights

He wished he could forget, he’d done his time & stopped drinking, but every time he drove at night, the boy whom he had accidentally killed with his car, stared at him from within the headlights.


One Line Horror: The Loner

It started as a happy birthday party for Zara; friends, drinks and a ghost tour, but now that her friends were dead and she was running and screaming for her life, the knife wielding pursuer was intent that Zara did not see her next birthday. 

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Create a Texas Chainsaw Massacre on your iPhone

If you’ve ever felt the need, then you can legally cause havoc with a chainsaw chopping people up for fun while the world watches.

If you’re a fan of movies, a filmmaker or are just looking for some fun with your friends, then check out this short video to see how.

#Imageoftheday Haunted Stairwell

Have you seen my Mommy?

Picture Fiction

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#Short #Horror #Stories

Picture Fiction

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#Short #Horror #Story

One Line Horror: Stroller

 Mommy wandered aimlessly through the woods with her blood stained stroller, her cries and yells echoing through the trees as she stared at her now silent baby, wishing he’d have just stop crying.

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#short #horror #story

Picture Fiction #horror

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#picture #fiction #short #horror #story

Picture Fiction


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