The worst ways to begin your novel


The write life offers feedback from literary agents on what they don’t like to see in the opening of a novel.

The Worst Ways to Begin Your Novel: Advice from Literary Agents

There’s no such thing as #Writersblock

Firstly, this is merely an opinion of mine, not a statement.  Let me explain the reasoning behind my thoughts.

1. Unless your hands have recently been bitten off by a rabid, wild bear, then you’re still able to put pen on paper, fingers on keys or finger tips on touch screen. My point? Even if you’re struggling for ideas, you still have a physical capability to write something. Anything. It doesn’t matter, just write a word, description, a place or a characters name. You will find that you use all of it or some of it later.

2. You’re a writer, blogger or a creative person. You are one of these, probably because your head is always full of words, daydreams, sentences, descriptions, makeshift people or places. I don’t believe that anybody who is the least bit creative can ever be out of, or stuck for ideas. If you think hard enough or flip through old note pads or open up old Word doc files, there’s bound to be something that you wrote previously to jump start your ‘block’.

3. The world around you is a plethora of ideas just waiting to be taken and created into something only your imagination can concoct. Having a dry spell? Take the dog for a walk in the local wooded park. Take the kids to the cinema, take your mum into town for lunch in a restraunt or take your wife to a play or show. You don’t even need to do anything as egstravagant as that or even spend any money. My point is, your ideas and future creations are all around you.

4. It doesn’t matter what you write down. Be it a name, place or a descriptive word. It’s your word, from your mind, hence the beginning of your creative journey.

The best analogies to describe the difficulties of #writing

Whats the hardest part about writing or being a writer? Actually writing.

Yes, your head may be about explode with all that creativity. Yes, your Smashwords account may be ringing up book sales and depositing cash like a supermarket register (in your dreams and fantasies).

Sitting down and actually writing is the single most difficult thing to do as a writer. It’s seems being a writer is one big paradox.

What’s it like?

1. Like trying to land a Jumbo Jet at night with the landing strip lights off.

2. Like pushing water up hill.

3. Like swimming in treacle.

4. Like opting to paint your walls by licking milk onto them, as opposed to the traditional method.

5. Like surfing with a sugar surfboard.

6. Like trying to slip on a pair of ice cream socks.

7. Like trying to find the fire exit in a submarine.

8. Like rowing a boat with newspaper oars.

9. Like building a fence with a glass hammer.

10. Like making toast in a chocolate toaster.

Yep. Sitting and actually writing is difficult.

Dilemma! Can I #write in more than one #genre?

I feel like smashing my head against the drywall. I’m trying to establish myself as an author, I have lots of ideas for short stories and novels. I have written many, many stories in both the horror and thriller genre.

However, book publishing world dictates that you should only write in one genre until you’re established enough to jump between them.

But, I want to write menacing horror stories, chilling ghost stories and teeth gritting thriller stories and publish them to my readership as me, not as me and two other aliases or pen names.

Every blog and article on the subject says: No! Stick to one genre, and if your are going to hop between, you must use a pen name and write in disguise.

Surely this only applies to those who wish to flip from horror to erotica and from suspense to rom com?

Please tell me your thoughts and beliefs, I would love to know!

#Readers & #Bloggerswanted

I’m astounded at how my blog following continues to grow. I’m grateful for the loyal and continuous readers & “Likers”.

It was only a year ago I started this blog. Over 100 posts, 2000+ likes & 477 followers later, here I am, asking for more.

If you like what you read and share my thoughts or imagination, follow me & I’ll show my gratitude by reading & liking your posts and following your blog.

My aim: To be at 600 likes by August end.

Thanks to the WordPress community.