That really gets my goat!

The “That really gets my goat!” series, is based on real life experiences of mine, that have irritated me to beyond belief, that I have felt compelled to write about them.  The series comes from years of past experiences in dealing with all sorts of social, business and consumer situations, injected with as much humour as possible.  I have many more experiences to rant about.  Stay tuned, updated bi-weekly.

 get your goat

to make you very annoyed or angry The message on her answering machine is really annoying, and I think she leaves it on there just to get my goat.

get someone’s goat
Fig. to irritate someone; to annoy and arouse someone to anger. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get your goat. Jean got Sally’s goat and Sally made quite a fuss about it.

“Get my goat” MAY have come from horse racing, according to an inconclusive discussion at the Word Detective site (link below). Or it may have come from “goat” as old prison slang for anger, as the Word Detective says. The latter hypothesis makes more sense to me. Goats can act like angry people–you know, head-butting and all that. “Get your goat” would then mean “arouse your goat like side” or “bring out the beast in you.”

Part 1: Cinema Commandos

Read about how a routine visit to the cinema can be destroyed in seconds.

Part 2: Gumtree Goons

Selling unused goods from the comfort of your own home? Even then, idiots can still worm their way in.

Part 3: Ignorant Idiots

Unfortunately, the world is crammed with ignoramouses.

Part 4: Yahoo Youth

Coming soon…


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