An astounding discovery


An establishment from a time now forgotten.
A time when Friday and Saturday nights meant a visit to one of these ancient crypts.
A time when only a few channels occupied the TV and only the ‘rich’ had satellite TV.
A time when seeing a movie either meant a trip to the cinema or to one of these crumbling wrecks.
A time when parents would use these establishments as an excuse for some free time, they had enough miles of tape to keep children browsing for several hours.

Visiting video rental stores was part of childhood. It was exciting and the next best thing to visiting the cinema.

Back then, you would never have believed that eventually, these establishments would wither away and succumb to video on demand, Netflix, Amazon Prime & Blinkbox. I mean, when I was a kid, the people who invented those very things, most certainly were just kids, like me, enjoying and experiencing video rental. Who the hell was Amazon anyway? Come to think of it, what on earth was the internet?

As I wait for my first child to join us in this world, in 3 months to be precise, I often feel sad that he’ll never feel that buzz and excitement of walking into a video store with his dad and choosing a movie for the night.

Instead, sitting in his room and searching Netflix on his iPhone, will just have to do. At least I can sit next to him, while he looks.