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#Tumblr #Blog has taken a tumble

Are there any Tumblr experts out there?

I can operate WordPress & Twitter happily & easily. I get lots of interaction on both. I follow people, they follow me back.

Tumblr doesn’t seem to work in this way. I’ve been signed up for a few months now. I have it linked to my WordPress blog, so they see everything you see. I’ve read blogs, liked them, commented & followed them too.

10 followers? Really?

My question is this: Is Tumblr even worth bothering about?

#Bloggers let’s share our achievments Part 2


Here is my second achievment of today. Even more so because it’s literally plus 1! Thank you people!

Sharing Blog Success is a great way of gaining blog exposure and creating encouragement amongst the blogging community.

I ask that you Reblog this post, share and celebrate any success (no matter how big or small) that you have had with your own blog. If we can all do this, while sharing and reblogging each other’s, imagine the excitement, encouragement and exposure amongst us all.

Dear Smokers; A #Bloggers plea

If you choose to smoke, I have no problem. I have never smoked, nor have I had the inclination to damage my health to the point that it will one day kill me. I have neither had the wish to walk around stinking like a walking ashtray and killing small animals if I happen to breathe in their direction.

Please stop standing around entrances to public places in groups where I have to battle my way through and inhale 60 cigarettes in the process. It defeats the purpose to the smoking ban!

Please stop pleading ignorance and selfishly striking up a cigarette in public places that happen to be outdoors (ie. Garden centres, outdoor swimming areas) they are still public and still subject to the smoking ban. You walked through an indoor building to get to them!

I cannot stand selfishness and / or ignorance.

Thank you,