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A Writers Bible (an extract, anyway)


The worst ways to begin your novel


The write life offers feedback from literary agents on what they don’t like to see in the opening of a novel.

The Worst Ways to Begin Your Novel: Advice from Literary Agents

#Imageoftheday Leafy

 While the glorious sun burned through the morning sky, leafy bushes and thorny branches hung from their parent trees, silent and beautiful.

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#Shazam of the day

#Imageoftheday The grass is greener

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#Imageoftheday Bunny on the grass

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#Imageoftheday I can make it

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Reach YOUR limits…

The Wrtier & Bloggers Iceberg

I have never looked at the success of my blog or the struggles with my trying to write as an Iceberg, but this graphic captures it in one!

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