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#Imageoftheday Here we grow!

Little to no sunshine. Rain. Wind. Just downright miserable. Summer? Pah!! Summer is not available in Scotland this year. However, these tomatoes don’t care. Look at them grow!


#Imageoftheday First Harvest

The potatoes may be small, onions puny, runner beans not very fast and the French beans incomprehensible. But I don’t care, I planted and watered them. It’s my first harvest.

#Imageoftheday Lone Cherry

Proud and amazed. Possibly the worst (wet, cold & miserable) summer I can remember in Scotland to date, yet, my little cherry tree soldiers on and pops (pun intended) her 1st cherry.

Shoe Rack Herb Garden


This is my herb garden, or as like to call, my kitchen garden constructed with a reused shoe rack.
Two shelves were removed to make room for the bushiness that would soon become of the Rosemary & Mint planters.
Once the non required shelves were removed, I combated a slight slant on the patio step with an old piece of treated timber & finally placed my terracotta styled pots purchased from Poundland (or Dollartree) and waited for my delicious herbs to grow.

Everything has an alternative use. If you think hard enough, you’ll figure it out.

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