One Line Horror: The night terror

Mommy switched on the light and found her son quivering under the covers, the screaming that originally alerted her had stopped, but the boy was pointing to the floor telling her there was something under the bed and when she knelt on the floor and told him there was nothing there, she froze solid when her son told her that it was behind her now.

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Sunday Scare: The Horror Hunter

From next Sunday onwards, you can chill yourself to the core one night per week, when you follow the adventures of Ghost and paranormal hunter, Irv Oswald.


Irv is not an average ghost hunter. He’s a real hunter, not like those screaming fools who scare themselves half to death on those Discovery Channel shows.
He operates alone.
He seeks out some of the most frightening and sickening reported ghost and paranormal stories to investigate. You can call him, but, the chances are, if you have a real life ghost story to tell, Irv Oswald will most likely find you. Best not to ask how.
Don’t think for a second calling Irv Oswald is job done for you. He usually insists that you stick around and assist with the hunt.
Of course, if you’re not happy with that, you can go ahead and call the scripted and contrived ghost hunting crews from TV.

Follow a ruthless and fearless ghost hunter as he delves head first into solving some of the most spine chilling hauntings ever reported while stepping into some of the most haunted locations in the world.

Irv Oswald, ghost, paranormal and horror hunter is available to read every Sunday night from 21 September 2014.

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Ten Sentence Fiction: Ghost hostage


The house was dark and damp and rotting to the core.  Woodworm had set in almost everywhere meaning wherever you happened to stand would almost certainly result in your foot disappearing through the floorboards.  Victorian furniture lay unused, inches thick in dust and tangled in cobwebs.  Ryan stirred and woke in immediate pain from his head and arms.  His head due to the thump of being pushed onto the rotting floor, his arms because they were tied together above his head on what looked like an ancient, rusting meat hook.

He struggled to get free and called for help, his throat felt like sandpaper and the damp musty atmosphere made it almost impossible to breathe.  He wasn’t really sure what to expect when he knocked on the door, all he wanted was to borrow a set of jump leads for his crappy car.

The humid air in the old house suddenly turned to ice, Ryan instantly shivered, he yelled and screamed as she slowly appeared in front of him, almost floating down the stair case.  She glowed electric blue with long black hair that looked like rats tails, covering her face.  She slowly parted the hair from her face to reveal a black hole, the old house shook where it stood as she shot toward him and shrieked into his face.

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