Dilemma! Can I #write in more than one #genre?

I feel like smashing my head against the drywall. I’m trying to establish myself as an author, I have lots of ideas for short stories and novels. I have written many, many stories in both the horror and thriller genre.

However, book publishing world dictates that you should only write in one genre until you’re established enough to jump between them.

But, I want to write menacing horror stories, chilling ghost stories and teeth gritting thriller stories and publish them to my readership as me, not as me and two other aliases or pen names.

Every blog and article on the subject says: No! Stick to one genre, and if your are going to hop between, you must use a pen name and write in disguise.

Surely this only applies to those who wish to flip from horror to erotica and from suspense to rom com?

Please tell me your thoughts and beliefs, I would love to know!

#Readers & #Bloggerswanted

I’m astounded at how my blog following continues to grow. I’m grateful for the loyal and continuous readers & “Likers”.

It was only a year ago I started this blog. Over 100 posts, 2000+ likes & 477 followers later, here I am, asking for more.

If you like what you read and share my thoughts or imagination, follow me & I’ll show my gratitude by reading & liking your posts and following your blog.

My aim: To be at 600 likes by August end.

Thanks to the WordPress community.

It’s tough to be a #Blogger

How could you describe it?

A fun roller coaster ride? An exciting daily dose of the unknown? The most complex paradox of your known existence? A HUGE pain in the ass?

If you’re anything like me, it’s most probably all of the above.

Good days and bad days. Great days and amazing days. Ok to almost bugger all days.

It’s a tough, hard slog. You must ensure your content is current, fresh, consistent and most of all interesting. You have to work at it everyday and remind your readers why they agreed to follow you in the first place.

Don’t ever get hung up on the peaks and troughs of your stats. Focus on your content and your readers. After all, that’s why you signed up.


Was I really born to just to work & pay bills?

As I inhaled the steam from my morning coffee, the post thumped onto the floor. Bills, bills, bills.

As I sat back in the seat of my car a very familiar sound chirped from the dash area. Fuel warning. Spend, spend, spend.

As I chomped on my sandwhich while on my lunch break, my iPhone rang with an unfamiliar number. Stupidly, I answered. “You owe, you owe, you owe”.

As I mind my own business while working, annoying, oblivious colleagues wave work group lottery tickets, sweepstakes & leavers cards in my face. Money, money, money.

As I make my way home, I pull into the supermarket for essentials & toiletries. Cash, cash, cash.

As I cook my dinner on the gas, run my laundry, load the dishwasher, turn on the heating & undress out of my work clothes, I step into the shower. Costs, costs, costs.

Time for bed.

Time to get up.


No trick, no treat, just GIMMIE!


Halloween has past.  It’s by far, one of my most favourite times of the year.  Add that to my enjoyment of the autumn (or Fall) season and I’m loving it.

Usually, I’d throw a Halloween party, invite some friends & family over and have a spooky fun filled evening and party until the spirits floated home.  This year was slightly different as my wife is due to give birth to our first child any day now.  So this year we instead carved a few pumpkin lanterns and sat them outside, made up some goody bags for any little Witches or Devils that happened to be doing their rounds and waited while we scrolled endlessly through our Netflix account.

Sure as sugar, the door bell rang as soon as darkness fell.  On opening, I discovered two little witches, broom and all, perhaps only three feet tall.  I had my bowl of goody bags by my side waiting to hand them out after the little darlings told me a joke, sang a song or did me a dance.  I’d have been better waiting on Christmas, because these little Witches were not up for doing anything other than holding out their open swag bags.

I asked them what they were going to perform in return for their treat, instead I was just gawked at until I surrendered the loot.  Immediately after, they toddled off to then next house for free sweets.

For the next three hours, I answered the door to a number of different groups of kids, some very young, some as old as eleven.  Some had put a great effort into dressing up, others simply held a mask to their face while dressed in a jogging suit while collecting sweets from my neighbours and I.

Some of them didn’t even answer when I asked what they were supposed to be, some just stared at me blankly when I asked if they were going to at least tell me a joke.

Soon I realised that kids of today either have no interest or perhaps any knowledge of what Halloween is actually about and why they’re actually dressed up and looking for sweets.  Much like Christmas, many of them believe its about expensive gifts and tonnes of chocolate.

I for one, will ensure that in three years or so, when my first born is dressed like a pumpkin and doing the rounds, he’ll at least start with a “Knock, Knock”.

Maybe next year I’ll be a bit more forthcoming in asking for a joke when the Devil comes knocking.


1000 likes? Yes please!

Yesterday was another great day for my blog.

I was alerted of my 1000th like.

This isn’t a post to brag, it’s actually to describe my amazement, gratitude and how much I enjoy the WordPress community.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you may know that I only started it around 2.5 months ago. That’s 8 weeks or 56 days, roughly.

If you do the math, that works out at 17.85 likes a day, 125 likes a week or 400 likes a month. Add to this, 223 followers since my blog began, it all seems very encouraging.

Now, WordPress is not or should not be a numbers game. Getting hung up on the likes, followers or daily stats, as I have done and have blogged about in the past, then you’re on a path to disaster, as it no longer becomes about your writing or your blogs, just a desperate battle to get noticed.

My point is simple. If you do what you do, write what you write, write it well and share it often, everything else will happen naturally. Keep this mindset, and you’re in for exciting times ahead.

To all my readers, followers, rebloggers and critics who have made my writing and blog successful: thank you!

What’s next for your blog?

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10 reasons why you’re an awful driver

1. You drive at speeds totally unacceptable in built up areas. You fly through streets where kids play and where elderly people walk their dogs. You are so excruciatingly stupid that you have no respect or consideration for yourself or others. Seriously, at those speeds you should have EasyJet printed on you’re car.

2. You text while driving. I fundamentally believe that this should be a punishable crime. Do you realise how dangerous and stupid this is? Also, you have got to be the most arrogant asshole alive, I mean, who is that important, popular or busy that they cannot wait until it’s safe to check their phone? Oh, are your updating you status on Facebook? “We’ll, I’m driving like a total moron, lol”

3. You think it’s okay to drive with no insurance. I really believe that if I shaved an Ape and gave him the keys to a Yugo he’d refuse to drive it until I logged onto confused.com and bought him some insurance. What gives you the right, while the rest of us mugs have to pay through the nose each and every month?

4. You’ve yet to discover your indicators (or turn signals). They’re a fantastically clever device created by auto manufacturers that keep us all safe on the road. In fact, they’re ever so simple to use. Switch it left when you want to turn left & switch it right when you want to turn right. Amazingly, other drivers will then know what you’re intentions are.

5. You lane hop. When the motorway is busy and we all just want to get home, you make an already long and tedious journey even longer by hopping lanes, jumping queues and just generally being a complete and utter selfish moron. What makes me laugh though is that you jump the queues and risk lives only to be caught at the lights ahead, meaning all your idiotic driving and risk taking was for nothing. Freak.

6. You tail gate. I can’t see a damn thing because your ice White LEDs are flooding the interior of my car. I’m driving at the speed limit, but, that’s not quick enough for you, so, you bully me and push me along an already dangerous road. Sorry, I’m fine with the speed I’m going, don’t like it? Hire a helicopter.

7. You overtake when its unsafe to do so. Are you really that thick? All you have between your ears is fresh air and fluff, right? No? Then what on gods green earth makes you think it’s okay to risk everybody’s lives by overtaking on a blind corner or a blind summit or in the middle of obscene weather? If you wish to kill yourself, crack on. However, please do not involve me or other innocent safe drivers in your kamikaze operation.

8. You don’t have a licence. Enough said.

9. Your play the most ridiculous music at an indescribable volume. I’m amazed that you don’t save a fortune on fuel for your car, because the vibrations created from your head thumping, glow stick and whistle blowing “music” should be more than enough to carry your rusting A to B along the road. Furthermore, some of us have jobs and young kids and have to be up early in the morning, so do you think you could have some consideration when you whizz by my house at 1am, please?

10. You drive the most idiotic, uncomfortable looking heaps of rotting junk that I’ve ever clapped eyes on. The auto manufacturers spent years and millions of pounds designing and developing your current model of car. However, you feel the need to screw wings and splitters to it, stick “go faster stripes” to it. You pull the identification badges from it and black out all of the windows. You drop it to the floor meaning it handles like a shopping trolley and a simple journey from home to the bank will rattle your teeth out. Finally, you screw an exhaust note enhancer to the tail pipe meaning the car sounds like a cat giving birth to a rhino, sideways. And for good measure, you rev it unnecessarily, usually, around 1am in the morning.

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