#Tumblr #Blog has taken a tumble

Are there any Tumblr experts out there?

I can operate WordPress & Twitter happily & easily. I get lots of interaction on both. I follow people, they follow me back.

Tumblr doesn’t seem to work in this way. I’ve been signed up for a few months now. I have it linked to my WordPress blog, so they see everything you see. I’ve read blogs, liked them, commented & followed them too.

10 followers? Really?

My question is this: Is Tumblr even worth bothering about?

Help needed! WordPress has perplexed me

While looking at my blog stat reports, the number of followers differs from the amount shown on my blog website (Join *** other followers).

Now, we’re not just talking a few, there’s a difference of almost 150 followers. 150 MORE reported on on my blog webpage compared to the number reported on my stats page. 

I Know that some followers signed up by email, rather than click following, but I’m not sure if this affects the stats ability to report.
Can anybody who has ever come across this on WordPress please shine some light?
Thank you in advance,

100 and counting

As I happily published my most recent Picture Fiction, I was instantly alerted by the WordPress app that I had written my 100th blog.

Now, that is a lot of writing. At least, to me it is.

Yes, there’ll be blogging ninjas, power bloggers, super bloggers & masters of the blogging universe out there who wouldn’t even get out of bed for 100 posts.  But I, am extremely proud.

Like a lot of writers out there, juggling a full time job, family & a generally busy life, doesn’t really leave much time for writing or blogging when you also factor in eating, sleeping & showering.

I’m immensely proud to share my writing & I am excited to think of what the next 100 blogs will be.

A thank you to all WordPressers: How I became ‘Joe Blogs’ overnight

Since creating my WordPress blog, only five days ago, I have been truly amazed and grateful to the response & encouragement I have received on all of my posts.

The morning after the night of posting my first two blogs, 12 Things we learned from Die Hard and The importance of copyrighting your work, you can be sure of my excitement (& perhaps disbelief) at the amount of notifications that awaited me on my iPhones screen, as I wiped sleep from my eyes. Notifications of like after like, comments & new followers was a pleasant & welcomed surprise.

So, confident & encouraged, the blogs continued.

In only four days, I had reached over 100 likes, and in only five days, I had a following of over 50 fellow bloggers.

While I am not new to blogging, per se, I am new to WordPress and the community & what makes you successful being part of it. In less than a week, I’ve grasped it & I’m thoroughly enjoying writing & posting my blogs, while grateful to the response and feedback.

So, I’d like to finish with a huge thank you to all of my fellow WordPressers, who really did turn me into Joe Blogs overnight.

Keep reading & keep writing!