The Enquirer – An Irv Oswald Scenario

Al Graham

Irv snatched his mobile phone as it vibrated its way along the coffee table.


‘Are you the guy?’, a croaky voiced old man asked at the other end.


‘On what?’

‘On which guy you’re looking for.’

‘I was told it was you.’

‘By who?’

‘The other guy.’

‘What did he tell you?’

‘That you were the guy I needed!’


‘Can you help me or not?’

‘Perhaps. What am I collecting?’




‘30% plus expenses.’

‘No way. 20% plus expenses.’

‘Good bye.’

‘No, no wait! Ok, 30%’

‘I’ll be in touch.’

‘Ok, my name is-‘

‘No names!’

Irv hung up.


Irv Oswald, The Debt Collector

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