My blog is fairly new.  In fact, its very new.  Like most people, I’m using it as a vessel to get my writing out there, to showcase my abilities and share what I have to share.

I have the WordPress App on my iPhone, on my iPad.  I sit in front of the iMac at night, as I am now, and I look at my stats, I study what has been read, what has been ignored.

I find that it bothers me, when an article is viewed, but, has not been liked.  Which is ridiculous, because not everybody will like what I have to say or what story I like to tell.

Some mornings, especially after posting a blog, I’ll wake up to notifications galore, likes, followers and comments.  Some mornings, there’s nothing.

Before I go to bed, I’ll look at my stats and wonder why I’ve only had 3 visitors and 5 views all day.  Other nights, I can’t believe that I’ve had 15 visitors and 30 views in one day.

If I have a ‘bad’ day, statistics wise, I find it motivates me to get back in front of the keyboard and batter away at a new article.  Other times, I feel disheartened and steer clear of the keyboard.

I’m not criticising my readers or my followers.  I’m criticising myself, for being too critical on my work and my blog.  But, when you want to succeed at something you love, its impossible to switch off.  You constantly raise that ‘barr’!

Until tomorrows view count and like counter…