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#Imageoftheday Leafy

 While the glorious sun burned through the morning sky, leafy bushes and thorny branches hung from their parent trees, silent and beautiful.

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#Imageoftheday The grass is greener

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#Imageoftheday Bunny on the grass

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#Imageoftheday I can make it

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#Imageoftheday The Escapist

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Good reads for bed time


#Imageoftheday Winters Day 2

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#Imageoftheday Winters Day 1

6 inches of snow, in less than 4 hours. In Scotland, we know how to have weather!

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#Imageoftheday Worlds Tallest Cinema

Cineworld in Glasgow, Scotland is currently the worlds tallest cinema. With 18 screens over 9 levels, it has the seating capacity for over 4300 movie buffs.

Personally visiting this cinema at least twice per week, I can honestly say it is the ultimate cinema experience.

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