More on the importance of Copyrighting your work

We established the importance of Copyrighting your work and some simple steps to achieve it, on my post, here.

While these are all simple, yet effective methods in ensuring your work is protected, there are still some important detail to cover to ensure that your work remains protected and potential bootleggers are deterred.

Point 2 on Important Tips on Copyrighting your work, described printing a small copyright notice on the body or at the end of your article.  These are known as Copyright Notices.

So, where should I place or print my copyright notice?

1. If you’ve written a book or manuscript, your copyright notice must be printed at the start of your book, inside the front cover, on the first page, or on a page before any other content appears.

2. If you’ve written an article, essay, blog or a poem (single page documents), your copyright notice should appear at the foot of the page or document.

Readers should be fully aware that your work is protected as quickly as they begin to read it.



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